Next-Day Website Updates


Whatever you do for a living, it’s probably not web development. So leave the maintenance of your website to someone that does, professionally and quickly.

Mike Truese Creations provides pre-paid website maintenance accounts, and I guarantee all content updates to be done by next business day, or they are free!

A website needs to be updated with fresh, new information at least once a month (the more, the better). I provide you with great savings and peace of mind. You simply purchase a 3-hour block of time, and I take care of all the updates.


Next-Day Turnaround, Guaranteed!

I turn around 100% of all content update requests within one business day of receiving them.

No more waiting weeks or months for someone to get around to updating your website – it’s done next business day*, or it’s free!

Pre-paid maintenance blocks are used to update your website content as required.

  • You purchase a 3 hour block of time.
  • When you need help, you send a maintenance request (add/update/delete content to the website, make a small programming/formatting change) to my email support account and I do the work.
  • I bill against your pre-paid pool of time in 10-minute blocks (and most requests take from 10 to 30 minutes to complete)
  • When your pool drops below 30 minutes, I send out another invoice to reload. It saves me from sending out all those little 10-minute invoices for small changes (and you from having to write a lot of $20 checks).
  • Unused time does not expire; there’s no “use it or lose it” worries.

A proven success

Almost 100% of my clients are on maintenance, and they are thrilled that their websites are kept up to date so quickly!


We could not be happier with the work you’ve done for our websites – the maintenance speed alone is worth the price! If you make changes to our sites any faster I’m going to start thinking that you’re looking over my shoulder.

Thanks again,
Marc Weitzman, GAIM Conferences

Have you been abandoned by your current web developer? Perhaps they went out of business? Or found a full-time job? Or went away to college?

I can build a replacement website extremely quickly, while still adhering to my highest standards of quality and excellence.

Whatever your website goals for your business may be, I can provide innovative and cost-effective website development solutions that will delight you!


* Most changes are actually done same day, but I reserve the next-business day window in case things are extra-busy here.

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