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Popups, Unders and Overs

In a word – please stop using them. They’re visual spam, and only serve to distract and annoy your visitors. Imagine if you walked into a store, and the clerks…

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Textured Backgrounds

This tip is so easy to implement (and avoid) that it’s almost frightening how often I encounter it. I’m talking about those textured or graphic backgrounds on websites that make…

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You’ve Been Framed

Frames are an old method used to develop websites, where the developer ‘slices’ the website into pieces (the header, the menu, the content area) and each piece is loaded into…

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Java, Javascript or Flash-based menus

In keeping with our search engine support theme, we’ll now take a look at funky menus. In the never-ending quest for the ‘kewlest’ website, novice webmasters fall in love with…

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