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You’ve Been Framed

Frames are an old method used to develop websites, where the developer ‘slices’ the website into pieces (the header, the menu, the content area) and each piece is loaded into…

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Java, Javascript or Flash-based menus

In keeping with our search engine support theme, we’ll now take a look at funky menus. In the never-ending quest for the ‘kewlest’ website, novice webmasters fall in love with…

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Be wary of freelancer claims

When looking for a web developer or freelance programmer, many folks hear about these ‘online job boards’ where you can post your project, and freelancers will bid (provide a cost…

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Finding yourself online.

No, that’s not some self-help guru mantra, although doing so could very well help revenue for your business… A Pew Research Project has some interesting statistics on why managing your…

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A missing or bad DESCRIPTION metatag

You may have heard about MetaTags, those near mythical beasts that are supposed to propel you to the top of the search engine rankings. Well, they don’t. Or more correctly,…

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