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How can my website get into the search engines?

All three major search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo) are hungry for great content – so feed them well!

There is a strong love/hate relationship between search engines and website owners. While getting a Top-10 listing in a major search engine can be quite a traffic generator, the rules to doing so are elusive and ever-changing.

Search engines have to fight back against spammers who work to skew the results for searches with websites that have no relevance to the phrase searched for, just to get traffic. (Ever get back pages and pages of results that had little or nothing to do with the phrase you searched for? That’s the spammers in action!)

We submit your website to Google and Bing manually and hope for the best, but do not expect any miracles. By making sure your content is keyphrase-rich and easy to index, and that your website’s coding is standard and search-engine friendly , I pave the way for your website to be warmly received by the search engine spiders.

The #1 method of getting your pages ranked well by search engines is to provide great content around topics of your expertise! That’s hard work, but there are no shortcuts.

Mike Truese Creations can help you prepare your website for search engine submission, including the creation of proper Title Tags & Meta-Descriptions, as well as image ALT-attribute editing and ‘keywords in content’ reviews. If all that sounded very technical, well, let’s just say I make sure your website and content is as friendly as possible for the search engines.

I cannot guarantee any positioning in any search engine – beware of anyone who does, as they are selling snake oil! To learn more, please read my FREE article about search engine snake-oil and submission: Watch Out for Search Engine Submission Snake Oil

Is your website properly set up and maintained?

If you’re not getting the traffic or conversion (new business leads) that you need from your website, then get in touch with me. I’ll review your website for a variety of issues: design, speed, search engine optimization, traffic flow, mobile-readiness, usability and clear call to action. You’ll get the good, the bad and the ugly – it’s only by breaking some eggs can we make a great omelet.

Your bad website may be holding your business hostage – get rescued today!

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