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Should I hire my print designer as my web designer?

In a word, no!

Print designers can do some really wonderful things with four-color printing and Photoshop effects. But they usually fall down when it comes time to design a well-balanced, easy to navigate, functional website.

Oh sure, they can make something that looks amazingly beautiful, even win some awards. Now try downloading that beautiful, full-color, photo montage…not in under 5 minutes a page!

Print designers usually fail to understand the nature of web content delivery. When they design something, and put ink to paper, it’s already delivered – there’s nothing to download!

I rescue companies from broken print-designer websites (grin)

When you put up a website, you force each visitor to deliver the design and content to their own computer, and not everyone has the fastest broadband connections (or is sitting at a desktop computer!). A true website designer understands the limitations of bandwidth and delivery, and works around them to create a visually appealing, yet quick-to-download website.

Some other items that print designers fail to consider include navigation and search engine optimization. Those full-color websites that look so pretty can be really hard on the search engines as they try to find the content wrapped inside the fluff or buried in graphics files.

Lastly, most print designers know little about programming, so if you want to do anything on your website involving fill-in-the-blank forms, links to other websites, databases, membership sites, or anything more complex than “welcome to our website – isn’t it pretty?”, you’re going to need a true website developer, not just another pretty face.

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To help you make the right decision about a web design firm, I’ve written an article that helps you ask the right questions and kick the tires effectively. 
How to Hire a Great Web Design Firm

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