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An untitled site – A missing or bad TITLE tag

Take a look at the very top of your browser the next time you visit your website. What does it say in the windows bar (above the File, Edit, View menu)? That’s where your website TITLE should be.

Does it say ‘Untitled Document’? Or perhaps your web address ( Or maybe ‘Welcome to our Website’? How about ‘index’ or ‘Home’? These are all common mistakes that people make when creating web pages, and it’s so easily fixed!

Inside your web pages is a special code (or tag) named Title, and here is where you want to put a short (8-10 words) description of your company’s products or services.

Why? A few reasons:

  • When people visit your website, they get another indicator of what your website is about.
  • When search engines visit your website, they look at the Title tag to tell them what the website is about (among other things).
  • When search engines display search results (as on Google search results page), they usually use the Title tag as the short description that you as a searcher would click on.
  • When people bookmark your website, that’s the text they see when they look in their Favorites list.

So, it makes a lot of sense to make your Title tag as descriptive as possible, but yet not too many words, since it will be truncated by browsers and search engines anyway.

My Title tells a search results page AND a visitor what I do (with some search-worthy key phrases) and where I am (again, helps the search engine with geo-location). A lot of work for a small but important part of your website.

Is your website set up properly?

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