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A missing or bad DESCRIPTION metatag

You may have heard about MetaTags, those near mythical beasts that are supposed to propel you to the top of the search engine rankings. Well, they don’t. Or more correctly, the one everyone THINKS will work does not, and the one many people ignore will definitely help if done right.

Meta Tag Keywords are useless!

Almost no search engine uses them because so many unscrupulous webmasters have packed the Keyword tag with unrelated words and phrases, hoping to draw traffic to their sites. For example, they’ll put ‘Lady GaGa’ (a very popular search phrase) in the meta tag area, in hopes of attracting GaGa traffic, even if they sell garden hoses!

Anyone selling you on Meta Tags Keywords is selling snake oil. You can read more about this topic in my other article about Search Engine Positioning, on our website.

Meta Tag Description is another matter.

While it is also a piece of hidden code on your website (site visitors never see the meta tags – they don’t display on screen), search engines do use the description tag (which should be a unique, short sentence 12-15 words for each web page) to help them figure out what that web page is about. The Description tag is also used as the clickable summary in a search engine result when the TITLE tag is unavailable or blank. So this tag is important to your overall search engine strategy.

Just be sure to make it relevant to your web page content! If the Title, Description and content do not match up, then your web page’s rankings will suffer, as the search engine will not know how to position your website pages. When they are all in synch, they give your specific page a multiplied boost in rankings!

Is your website set up properly?

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