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Hidden menus – let’s play Memory!

There’s a type of menu that should never be deployed – the hidden menu. Now why would someone put a ‘hidden’ menu on their page – isn’t that a paradox?

The hidden menu is usually done by a newbie programmer who learned how to hide and show objects, or wants to be sophisticated and clever. It usually manifests as a small square or other graphic (or maybe the word ‘menu’) that, if you realize you can and must click it, unfolds into the website menu itself. The other variation on this theme is a menu with just graphics, but no text to indicate what each menu option holds.

Either version means your visitor must work very hard to remember where content is on your website. Click and hunt, where was ‘Services’? Under here? No, maybe here? How about this one? Oh, here it is! Is that any way to treat your visitors? Forcing them to play Memory or Hide The Menu – what’s the point of that!? A website is supposed to deliver information, not headaches and confusion.

Plus, the hidden menu also confuses the search engines, which then won’t be able to find your content.

The cure for this is to throttle back on the self-serving cleverness quotient, and offer “easy to understand at a glance” navigation for your website visitors. They in turn will offer you their repeat business. Play ‘hide the menu’ and your visitors will play ‘hide the cash’ with you!

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