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Designing and developing websites in WordPress since 1999

I wish WordPress existed when I started my web design company in 1999.

Back then I built websites by hand. Like people who bought the earliest automobile, anyone building websites in 1999 had to know how to repair or replace anything—by hand—every time.

WordPress’ flexibility and power impressed me from the first day it was published years later. I knew that I could design and develop websites using WordPress that would rival a large company’s website at a fraction of the cost.


WordPress dominates the CMS market:

It powers 52% of the top 1 million sites on web.

It also powers, by many estimates, 1 in 5 websites on the internet (about 20%).

 This market penetration is unrivaled – the next closest competitor has a fraction of that share.

This means that WordPress is a safe and well-supported choice as your technology platform for a great website, today and tomorrow.

Your organization needs my custom WordPress design services to meet its goals: increases sales or signups over time, as well as a future-proof website that isn’t a black-hole of good money after bad.


Taking care of business, yourself!

Because I use WordPress to develop websites, you can be confident that your new website is expertly designed and that your website will not become obsolete – I call this future-proofing, and it’s a valuable money-saving investment.

You can log in to the WordPress admin, make a quick update (no programming required on your part: just simple, fill-in-the-blank forms or a simple text editor screen) and your website is instantly updated with new information. You save on day-to-day maintenance costs, and we can focus on your budget on building new features, not editing content.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Product lists and descriptions  (think: online catalog)
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Membership lists / member-only areas
  • Press releases
  • What’s New? section
  • Tips, tricks and ideas for using your products or services
  • Client / Donor lists and testimonials
  • Virtually all the content of your website, ready to be updated as you wish.

Imagine the possibilities – or, contact me today, and I can show you how I can quickly convert your website from drab and static to WordPress and wonderful!



our_founderSince 1999, I've removed the worry, risk and stress of selecting a website design company for your business.


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