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Before I started my website consultancy, I had 12 years prior experience as a programmer and project manager at various multi-national companies, including banking, retail, legal and health services. I learned the value of finding and eliminating ‘pain points’ and creating a positive return on investment in a technology project.

In 1999, I decided to create a Northern Virginia website design consultancy that would be different from the other eleventy-billion so-called ‘web design firms.’

My background as a computer interface specialist (which is a fancy label for ‘the person who makes software and websites look good and easy to use’), as well as an application designer of hundreds of programs, gives me a unique insight into how websites should work, what website design looks good (and what doesn’t), and most importantly, how people relate to the Internet, technology and each other.

Born and raised in New Jersey, I moved to Herndon, Virginia in 2010. I like long picnics on the beach while hiking and reading a good book. I played Left Out all through high school and college, and graduated Summa Cum Laude from St Peter’s University (Jersey City, NJ)

Mike Truese
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Someone you can trust to deliver on their promise

Since 1999, I’ve built a positive reputation for Mike Truese Creations through customer- and goal-focused hard work and expertise – a Herndon/Reston, VA website consultancy that you can trust to deliver reliable web-based solutions that make sense, and make you money.

High tech


  • By staying on top of the latest expert website design trends, I find effective and exciting ways to keep your website fresh and compelling, so that your customers keep coming back, again and again.

  • You get a customized website that is effective, entertaining and informative, without a lot of extra eye candy and useless, slow-to-download fluff.

  • Between next-day website maintenance and a robust content management system (WordPress), your website content is kept fresh, and your site architecture is solid for years to come – no fear of obsolete technology.

High Touch


  • I provide the highest levels of service and support to my clients. If you’re going to have a professional website, you should look forward to a pleasant, even fun experience!

  • Your questions and support issues are understood without mangled translations, because I am located in Northern Virginia (Herndon/Fairfax) and am a native English speaker.

  • You can count on techno-babble-free conversations.

  • My delighted clients are from all over the United States, and I work equally well over phone, email or person-to-person.

high consciousness


As a small firm, I do what I can to give back to the community and the environment:

  • I invest $25 for each completed project to Kiva, the micro-loan group since 2008 – 125+ loans so far!

  • My web servers are located with a carbon-neutral hosting firm.

  • Since 2008, my home and office electricity comes from wind turbines, not fossil fuels, and my green-energy offset efforts to date are the equivalent of planting 1843 trees, or NOT driving 177,556 miles.

  • My stationery and paper materials are made from post-consumer recycled paper, and printed with soy ink.

  • I create great websites –  far better than paper brochures for your business, and the environment.

our_founderSince 1999, I've removed the worry, risk and stress of selecting a website design company for your business.


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