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Animated GIFS, scrolling text, blinking text

Too many times, beginner website developers feel that the more blinking lights and spinning logos they can pack on the page, the better it will be. Actually, the opposite is true – keep it clean and simple.

Does your web page blink, scroll or spin in any way? Is there a piece of artwork that repeats its little animated heart out over and over (usually it’s an ‘Email Me’ graphic of some sort). Has your website become much too festive? It’s time to cut back and simplify.

Blinking text serves no purpose. If you want it to be noticed, bold it or use a different color for the font.

Scrolling text (like news tickers) is also annoying, in that you force the visitor to work at your pace, not theirs. If I see the tail end of a news item, but not the beginning, I am forced to wait for the entire cycle to rescroll to find out if the tidbit is of true interest, or not. That slows me down as I wait, distracts me from the rest of your message, and ticks me off when it turns out not to be relevant – overall, a bad experience. Instead, create a what’s new page, with non-scrolling info that I can browse and click at my convenience.

Animated GIFs are the last bugaboo I want to chase off your website. Animation is a great way to attract someone’s attention and drag their eyes around the screen. But mindlessly repeated animation loops only work once, and then distract, and annoy, your visitors.

Instead, replace that mindless never ending loop with a simple jQuery animation that plays once or twice, then sits still. Perhaps it will play itself every 20 or 30 seconds – far enough apart not to annoy or confuse, yet repetitive enough that visitors will eventually notice it.

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