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Content Management System

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

06 November in FAQs

My last post introduced the idea of a “Content Management System” (or “CMS” in its geeky abbreviated form) for your website along with responsive design. Understanding how a website works is important for you to understand how a CMS can...


Popups, Unders and Overs

15 June in tips

In a word – please stop using them. They’re visual spam, and only serve to distract and annoy your visitors. Imagine if you walked into a store, and the clerks handed you flyers as you walked in the door, out the...


Textured Backgrounds

03 May in tips

This tip is so easy to implement (and avoid) that it’s almost frightening how often I encounter it. I'm talking about those textured or graphic backgrounds on websites that make the content virtually impossible to read. Usually, it’s a field...


Non-optimized photos

02 April in tips

Speaking of long download times, how many of you optimize your photos and images before you put them on your website? What’s optimization, you say? It’s the process of making the image as small in filesize as possible (smaller filesize =...


Music that cannot be turned off

01 March in tips

Ever get stuck on a website that blared music at you, with no warning? And then, you look for a volume control or off switch, and there is none – you're reduced to scrambling for the volume control on your...


Animated GIFS, scrolling text, blinking text

03 January in tips

Too many times, beginner website developers feel that the more blinking lights and spinning logos they can pack on the page, the better it will be. Actually, the opposite is true – keep it clean and simple. Does your web page...