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How can I count the visitors to my website?

count visitors

Should I put a counter on my website? In a word, no! Those counter services, (you’ve probably seen things like, “You’re visitor # 000245”), are really unprofessional looking and they give too much information away to visitors (do you want to be visitor #4?).

Also, if the counter service stops working, you’re left with an ugly red square/missing graphic, or worse, a slow-to-download page. In the end, all those counter services will tell you are a limited number of statistics. Best to avoid.

You can get most of the information you want anyway without one of those counter thingies, since every site has a server log being automatically built as visitors wander around the site. The problem is that the server log itself is incomprehensible to mere mortals such as you or I, and you need the files to be interpreted, or run through some software that will create a readable (and very interesting) report that summarizes the traffic patterns and statistics for you.

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As part of my hosting agreement, I provide those statistics to you via an easy-to-use, online system that you can see at any time using just your browser (Google Analytics or StatCounter, your choice).

One thing to note: you cannot find out the names or email addresses of any individual who might have visited your site. The Internet is truly anonymous in that regard. You can see a lot of info, but never any personal identification.

The best way to get personal info – ask! Provide a sign-up form for a newsletter or other giveaway, and collect visitor info while establishing your expertise in the eyes of your visitors!

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