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Of the eleventy-billion so-called ‘Virginia website design firms’ out there, you’ve found one of the very few that actually delivers quality websites.

Since 1999, Mike Truese Creations has worked with clients like you, small and medium-sized businesses who knew they needed a helpful, honest, professional and effective website specialist, and a great looking, stress-free website!

The secret: I build hand-crafted websites, each made unique for your specific needs. No build-your-website-online service or download-this-theme site can do that. And the other Virginia website design companies who try to code websites don’t have my 15 years of experience in rescuing over 140 businesses from bad websites. In fact, a lot of my projects come from delivering what they could not!

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abandoned house Welcome

  • Does your website look abandoned, rundown and neglected?
  • You built your own website, but can’t keep up with the changes anymore.

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wolfman Welcome

  • Does your website cause howls of frustration?
  • Customers say it’s hard to use or doesn’t do something they want to do.

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frankenstein Welcome

  • Does your website look thrown together from spare parts?

  • You want a website that looks great on desktops, smartphones and tablets.


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phantom Welcome

  • Does your website need a face lift?

  • Your phantom webmaster “disappeared” and you can’t make any changes to your website.

Get a website you can manage!

mummy Welcome

  • Has your website grown old and musty?

  • You wait forever for someone else to do updates.

Get a great website design!

vampire Welcome

  • Does your website just plain suck?
  • You feel like your competition has a better website and you need to change that.

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Now, I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. If you are looking for a cheap website, I can tell that I don’t have the lowest prices. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a dream come true for people like you, looking for a great web designer to rescue their business.

If you hire me now, that’ll be the last time you need to worry about your website. I will design for you, I will code for you, I will optimize for you. But if you don’t, Google will not look for you, your prospects & customers will not find you, and your bad website will destroy you.

Since 1999, I've removed the worry, risk and stress out of selecting a website design company for my clients

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